General information

In line with the global quality products that we are dealing with, we are dedicated to deliver the highest level of product support to our customers.

Ethio-Nippon Technical Company has well trained maintenance crews of different educational background and experience, dedicated to improving the performance of our motor vehicles, construction machinery and power products.

In addition to our organized service centers at Head Office and Kality, we also offer mobile maintenance service and consultation to assist the customer wherever they are located within Ethiopia.

At the two service centers, Head Office and Kality, we provide one stop shopping service (technical support, parts, and lubricants) for your complete service requirement. For your small motor vehicle service requirement, our Head office service center is dedicated to deliver the level of service that you desire to get. For your construction machinery, power products, heavy trucks and body work our Kality center is the right place to call and/or visit. Nothing is more important to us than our customers. Thank you for trusting us.

Our Major Services at the Service Centers:

  • Periodic service as per Owner’s Manual
  • Major and minor maintenance of all mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems
  • Inspect, repair and test of injection pumps
  • Body work and painting
  • Major overhauling repairs on Engine, Transmission, differential and hydraulic systems
  • Annual service contract at fixed price and special offer
  • Mobile product support at customers site

Contact information for after-sales inquiries:-

Head Office:
+251 115 50 65 27
+251 115 51 46 61

Kality Center:

Light duty Service shop: +251 114 39 20 62

Heavy Duty Service Shop: +251 114 39 20 63/80

Construction Machinery and Power products Service shop:

Telephone:- +251 118 69 41 10 +251 114 71 70 98/99 Emergency Call:- +251 946 41 52 61 Fax:- +251 114 71 70 96 Email:- : : :